Brand Introduction

Belmont Sports is a firm which focus in physical education , we uphold the concept of "Emphasize the value of physical education, empower life with sports " , based on the theoretical basis of development psychology, we carry out interdisciplinary research in athletic psychology, athletic training, neuroscience, rehabilitation medicine etc., providing Chinese families with more diversified and effective family education approaches and methods by creating multiple categories of interest or professional sports context,  this helps children to achieve multidimensional growth in mental, physical, social ability, personality character by sports and games. Currently, Belmont Sports together with top experts and institutions from Europe, America and China, jointly created "Sports & Growth" theme workshop, Online courses, Children's comprehensive physical fun camp, Families fun sports games and winter/summer camp five core products, to accompany the children healthy growth hand in hand with parents.

Brand Story               

Belmont Harbor is located in the heart of beautiful Lincoln Park and is one of the largest harbors in the Chicago Harbors system. A favorite among families and long-time boaters, the harbor is surrounded by acres of park space and a beautiful skyline view to the south.                                                   


When our brand founder lived and studied in the United States, she usually went to the harbor to take exercises or release the stress: our brand concept was born there. In order to salute to the vibrant harbor, and at the same time to wish our brand followers will be keen to sports and focus on the lifestyle new concept as those harbor regular visitors, we chose Belmont as our brand name, and founded Belmont Sports in the beginning of 2018.                                                   

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