Help kids in

  • Cultivating the interest in sports,  developing a healthy body and a smart brain through scientific sports program.

  • Increasing the amount of exercise reasonably, improving the scientific nature of sports, effectively preventing myopia, obesity, scoliosis, lack of coordination and other problems.

  • Developing children's excellent character and personality in the context of sports.

  • (positive, optimistic, resilient, confident, independent, spare no pains, mutual assistance and cooperation, respect for others, obey the rules...)

  • Developing a healthy and active lifestyle that love sports and learning.

  • Providing professional psychological diathesis training and intervention for young athletes.

Help parents in 

  • Recognizing the equal importance of children’s physical, cognitive and social development.

  • Applying the scientific child-education method in the context of sports.

  • Growing up together with children, enjoying the joys of sports and companion.

  • Relieving parenting anxiety and creating a relaxed and healthy family atmosphere.

  • Customized more scientific sports program for grand parents.

Help communities in  

  • Improving community health literacy and the awareness and behavior of active participating in sports.

  • Optimizing the service capacity and level of community health and community sports, providing scientific guidance plans, and formulate effective solutions based on successful cases in European and American communities.

  • Promoting healthy social contacts, friendly neighbors, improving community service satisfaction.

Help sports industries

  • Help administrators to explore the educational function of sports events, improve users satisfaction and loyalty, and increase the number of users.

  • Providing rich practical cases analysis of sports economic management, providing in-depth training for the management of clubs and enterprises, and improving the management ability and service quality.

  • Providing international advanced and systematic physical education and teaching concepts, case analysis and practical methods to improve teaching quality, ability and efficiency.

  • Better coordination with family to carry out relevant physical education.

  • Providing value-added services for users.

Help enterprises in 

  • Healthy lifestyle plans for departments and employees.

  • Guiding employees to promote their working enthusiasm, improve work efficiency and get better work results.

  • Customized sports education solutions for employees and their families to improve family education and parent-child relationship.

  • Designing team building plans with baseball, hockey and American football etc as the core, enhance the company cohesion.

  • Creating more social opportunities for employees by multiple types of activities.